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Exactly one year ago today, Samuel Dalton and I launched the comic book series 'Indigo Ignited'. At the time, the comic book release felt like the pinnacle of success and that all of our goals, dreams and aspirations had been achieved in a single instant. My work as a writer had come to fruition and Sam's work as an artist had manifested itself into tangible form, in this way we were able to find unadulterated fulfillment. This fulfillment was, of course, short-lived. As a writer, an artist or any person who strives to express themselves in true creative form, you've encountered this perpetual struggle. A struggle that ticks within your brain like an itch you know you shouldn't scratch, for fear of the rash spreading and rather than put ice to subdue the urge, we as artists typically drag our nails against the insatiable rationale to scratch away the surface... we keep creating.

Simply put; I wanted more.


I wanted to create more than just a comic, I wanted to make a show, a show that would've engaged the younger me. Growing up, I always felt myself enamored by Anime. The story line, the art style, and the overall production quality completely captivated me. I found myself much more invested in the protagonists of Anime because they had depth and more character development than American Cartoons. With the exception of Batman, many American made cartoons just felt so typical. The good guy, in typical fashion, saved the bystander or love interest and all that remained was the overly embellished admiration of onlookers, which left little room for the anti-hero. I love the anti-hero because I strongly identified with him; a protagonist who despite the odds, overcame adversity, usually, without recognition. In Anime, this character was a common thread and I found that the storyline was usually perpetuated by an anti-hero because of the heavy influence of character-driven storytelling.

'Indigo Ignited' is a character-driven story about an Anti-hero attempting to make a change within a broken world that is on the brink of a catastrophic civil war. Although fitting, a year ago, I never would've imagined that a story driven by an anti-hero would be the preface of my future.

-Writer & Producer, David Pinter

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    1. Hey! Thank you for checking Indigo Ignited!
      We will be releasing this in America first. This will be dubbed in english first then soon japanese.

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