Meet the Indigo Ignited Team

David Pinter

Writer & Co-Creater

Former CEO of an Albuquerque based production company, David utilizes his skills and abilities solely towards the development of Indigo Ignited. Writer, Director, and Producer; David has won a myriad of awards for his work in the world of production and has set his sights on expanding the horizons for Indigo Ignited through his writing and producing talents.


Samuel Dalton

Artist & Co-Creator

An Albuquerque, New Mexico, native who has been creating art for over nineteen years. Samuel’s art style is often hailed as the perfect combination between American comic book and traditional Japanese manga styles.


Henry Thurlow

Director & Project Manager

New York Native Henry Thurlow graduated from The Pratt Institute and became a working animator. Finding himself uninspired by American Animation Henry sought a more challenging venture in which he could explore the artistic reaches of his abilities. Enamored by the artistic capacity that Traditional Japanese Anime offered, he moved to Japan to pursue his ultimate challenge to date. Now, 10-years later, Henry has worked for a handful of Japanese Studios including the world famous, Studio Pierrot. From Layouts to Key Animation, Henry has been involved in projects such as Naruto Shippuden, Tokyo Ghoul, Akatsuki no Yona and Pokemon Origins. Indigo Ignited is Henry Thurlow’s Directorial debut and the ultimate fulfillment of his desire to challenge the capacity of his artistic abilities.


Yoshiharu Ashino

Storyboard Artist

Industry Veteran, Yoshiharu Ashino bolsters an impressive anime resume. Having worked as the Director for the most recent D.Gray-man Hallow series and as an animator for Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Ashino-san brings an incredible edge to the Indigo Ignited team. Through years of experience and understanding of each individual aspect involved, Ashino-san builds a solid foundation for the entirety of the project.


Arthell Isom

Art Director & Backgrounds

Yoyogi Animeshon Gakuin, is world renown for producing several great artists of the anime industry. Thought to be exclusive to aspiring Japanese artists, Arthell Isom broke the mold to accomplish his dream. Becoming one of the only American graduates of the prestigious Art School, Arthell went on to work for Production I.G. as a background artist. 9-years later, Arthell has been involved in many favorites including, Naruto Shippuden, Black Butler, Gintama and xxxHolic.


Asuka Tsubuki

Animation Director

Japanese Native, Asuka Tsubuki has been heavily involved with several anime productions since the late 90’s. Having started work as in the industry after technical school, Asuka found her niche in animation direction and key animation for several popular anime shows. ‘Case Closed’, has been the longest running show she’s been involved in helping create. Asuka’s most recent work, ‘One Punch Man’ has allowed her to challenge and carefully hone her abilities, making her the perfect animation director for Indigo Ignited.


ReJean DuBois

Character Designer

American born character designer ReJean Dubois has worked for Sky-link, MBS Games and as a 2-D artist for Delta-Arts Studio in Tokyo, Japan. Now, a working artist in Tokyo, ReJean has become an integral part of the Indigo Ignited pre-production team. ReJean’s character designs carefully balance the finesse of Japanese anime style and the boldness of American Artwork. ReJean’s work is heavily praised and featured on deviant art with over a million page views.


Ahren Gray

Marketing Director

Born and Raised in San Diego, California, Ahren Gray resides within Indigo Ignited under the Marketing Director title. Having experience in multiple fields (including but not limited to) involving web design, graphic design, and marketing, Ahren brings his multitude of skills to the Indigo Ignited team.


Reuben Lack

Production Coordinator

Residing in Los Angeles, California, Reuben’s expertise is in the management of the overall production work flow ranging from voice over/sound design to project communication. Projects needing a meticulous ear for development are brought to fruition through Reuben’s guidance.


Jonah Scott

Audio Engineer

Sound effects moments bring to life. Door Creaks, Heavy Hits, Flames Exploding are all the little nuances often overlooked in shows that Audio Engineers are responsible for. Jonah pays careful attention to all of the little details involved in creating the best sound design in order to ensure each moment comes alive.


David Butler

Music Composer

Chances are, you’ve heard his compositions but never his name. New York Native, David Butler has had his music featured in several trailers, commercials, and video games. Notable Credits include: Nintendo, Redbull, Samsung, HGTV, CBS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Bye Bye Man, and Blair Witch (2016)


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