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Hey guys! I recently got to interview Samuel Dalton and David Pinter of the new animated series Indigo Ignited. The pilot was released August 8th, 2017 and has over thirty-eight thousand views on Indigo Ignited’s channel that currently has over five thousand subscribers.

Indigo Ignited is a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy anime that follows Kieran, the last of an extinct race, able to manipulate the flow of gravity in order to preserve a broken world at war. The pilot introduces protagonists Kieran (voiced by Nathan Sharp) and Galena (voiced by Amanda Lee), with the main antagonist Alderman (voiced by Sean Chiplock).

What made you want to create Indigo Ignited?

SD: We decided to create Indigo Ignited because we had a very personal story to tell by way of an animation. We chose animation because we felt we could explore the greatest reaches of our creativity this way. Anime, in particular, was a style of animation that we felt very moved by; the way the stories were told, the character driven plotline and the immersive world was always incredibly pleasing to us. Growing up it’s always been a dream to make an anime and now that we’ve made one, we couldn’t be happier!

What are your plans for the future? Do you plan on releasing more shows like Indigo Ignited after it’s done?

SD: Indigo Ignited will be our baby for many years to come, we’ve poured our blood sweat and tears into the creation of the series in its entirety and want to see it all the way through. On the side though, we’ve written a comedic short that we’ll probably be fleshing out next.

What made you use Nathan Sharps’ song To The Ends of The Earth from his newest original album Sandcastle Kingdoms?

After working with Nate for the role of Kieran, we were very impressed by his musical abilities. I’ve purchased his albums and anything musically he releases, I buy. He’s a great musician and it felt right to include one of his works. However, ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ was very specifically chosen because of the lyrical context. For us, the song represented the hardship(s) we faced in creating the Pilot and seeing it all the way through.

How did you choose who voiced Kieran, Galena and Alderman?

SD: That’s a tough question because we had been auditioning a couple folks around the country and none of the voices ever really felt right. When we heard each of the auditions from Nate, Amanda, and Sean respectively, we had a “That’s the voice!” moment. We have other voice actor’s lined up to play various roles within the series and the same feeling has always occurred when hearing an audition, it just feels like the character.

Did you think the pilot would get as popular as it has?

SD: I think we’ve always hoped that people would get as excited about it as we are but 30k views in a short time was incredibly humbling. We’re very happy with all of the comments everyone has left and the questions being asked about the story shows a deep interest in something like this.

To wrap this up, what would you tell smaller content creators out there who are currently working on projects or have given up because they feel they may not get anywhere someday?

SD: Don’t give up! There are going to be A LOT of hard times heading your way and a lot will be asked of you but don’t ever quit. You’ll get there. As long as you keep working hard and doing your project for the right reasons, you’ll get there. We’ve always wanted to make an anime, we grew up watching it, loving it and in some ways, wanting to live it. The first steps towards creating that dream seemed overwhelming at first, but eventually, you’ll level up and be ready for bigger challenges. You’ll feel what you feel, of course, disappointment, struggle, frustration; it’s all part of the artistic growth and I promise, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to what’s yet to come!

To stay up to date, or learn more about their show, please make sure to visit and subscribe to their YouTube channel Indigo Ignited.

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